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1 June 2011 9:00 –  13:30 Part 1: Nanofutures European Technology Integration and Innovation Platform (ETIP) Watch the presentation videos now – NANOFutures website or NANOFutures YouTube channel 09:00 VON BOSE, Herbert – Director, Industrial Technologies, Directorate-General for Research and … Continue reading

31 MAY 2011 16:30-18:30 Room Pátria ANKLAM, Elke Director, Institute for Health and Consumer Protection, Joint Research Centre, European Commission Bridging Science and Policy to Support Innovation and Consumers’ Acceptance of Nanotechnology BESENBACHER, Flemming Director of Interdisciplinary Nanoscience Center at … Continue reading

31 MAY 2011 11:30-13:00 Room Bartók II Nanotechnology may help to master major challenges which are burdening our environment. The presentations in this session address key issues such as the role of catalysts, remediation, degradation of emerging contaminants, and the … Continue reading

30 MAY 2011 13:30-15:30 Room Bartók II Nanotechnology can address many of the major scientific and technological challenges of energy production. This session will reveal how nanotechnology adds a new dimension to advanced fuel cells, biomass, utilisation of solar energy … Continue reading

31 MAY 2011 9:00-10:30 Room Pátria Due to the efficient interaction of the large specific area of nanostructures with the environment, an eminent application is sensorics. These improve our monitoring systems through better and smarter devices. This session covers molecular … Continue reading

30 MAY 2011 16:30-18:30 Room Lehar Development of measurement methods at the nanoscale is a fundamental task. A major issue is accurate control of the dimensions of objects, with size determined by Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM), Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM) … Continue reading

30 MAY 2011 16:30-18:30 Room Pátria Locating nanostructures at surfaces gives a wide range of opportunities to generate interesting properties, spanning from tribological to catalytic activities. Surface modification, self-assembly, and coatings (from monolayers to microns sized) are examples of different … Continue reading

30 MAY 2011 13:30-15:30 Room Pátria The production of nanoparticles and nanophased structures is critical to providing European industry with functional materials. Processes to generate such structures may lead to individual particles, aggregated systems or large scale assemblies, with the … Continue reading

30 MAY 2011 16:30-18:30 Room Bartók II Nanoelectronics has vast potential  in all segments of our life to lead to breakthroughs in information technologies for the benefit of society. This session deals with the understanding of findamental issues like nanoscale … Continue reading

31 MAY 2011 11:30-13:00 Room Pátria Nanobiotechnology provides tools for the study of living matter at the nanoscale, and includes with scientific and technological advances in the fields of medical, biological and nanoscale sciences. Nanobiotechnology also includes biomimetic approaches to … Continue reading

31 MAY 2011 14:30-16:00 Room Bartók II Due to the reduced dimension of as-grown or artificially produced nanostructures, new phenomena and surprising results can emerge. Fundamental research into these phenomena is a perquisite for their application. Chair FORRÓ, László Head … Continue reading

30 MAY 2011 16:30-18:30 Room Liszt Using nanoscale devices, novel therapeutic technologies target localized pathologies with controllable procedures. Chair NILSSON, Maj-Inger Directorate General for Research & Innovation, European Commission Keynote JORDAN, Andreas MagForce Nanotechnologies AG (DE) The NanoTherm® Therapy: European Market … Continue reading

31 MAY 2011 9:00-10:30 Room Liszt Nanoscale pharmaceutical solutions provide sophisticated multifunctional drug carriers. Chair PETÁK, István Founder and Scientific Director, KPS Biotechnology and Molecular Diagnostics Ltd Senior scientist, Pathobiochemistry Research Group, Hungarian Academy of Sciences Speakers KADA, Gerald Agilent … Continue reading

30 MAY 2011 13:30-15:30 Room Liszt Nanotechnology offers intelligent methodologies for multimodal medical diagnostics both in vitro and in vivo. Chair: KELLERMAYER, Miklós Semmelweis Medical University (HU) Keynote: BALOGH, Lajos Nanomedicine: Nanotechnology, Biology and Medicine (Elsevier) (US) Nanomedicine – Promises, Achievements, … Continue reading

30 May 2011 10:00-12:00 Room Pátria Chair CSÉPE, Valéria Deputy General Secretary, Hungarian Academy of Sciences Speakers HIDVÉGHI, Balázs Deputy State Secretary for International and EU Affairs, Ministry for National Economy (HU) STROHMEIER, Rudolf Deputy Director-General, Directorate General for Research & … Continue reading

31 MAY 2011 14:30-16:00 Room Liszt The third commercialisation sessions addresses the challenge of ensuring that public funding and research activity in nanotechnology actually leads to industrial innovation and growth. The sessions starts by exploring whether there is a strategic … Continue reading

31 MAY 2011 11:30-13:00 Room Lehar A large proportion of nanotechnology-based innovation starts in the university lab. This session will look at how researchers, entrepreneurs and technology transfer offices are working together to relate research results to industry needs, build … Continue reading

1 JUNE 2011 9:00-12:30 Room Mozart The Innovation Union identifies access to risk-financing as one of the key challenges facing European technology companies. The Venture Forum will feature prominent investors revealing how they evaluate nanotechnology-related investments and how investors can … Continue reading

30 MAY 2011 13:30-15:30 Room LEHAR This session introduces a stream of content looking at the commercialisation of nanotechnology, addressing challenges such a technology transfer, industrialisation, skills, and access to finance. This first session starts with a higher level view, … Continue reading

31 MAY 2011 9:00-10:30 Room Bartók II Europe, USA, China, Russia and Asian Tigers such as Korea have invested heavily on nanosciences and –technology during the last decade.  This has created strong base of competences as well as innovations for … Continue reading

31 MAY 2011 14:30-16:00 Room Pátria The key to advanced technologies are nanomaterials. Synthesis and processing of nanostructures employ a wide spectrum of material types: organic, inorganic and biological. Top-down physical assembly concepts and bottom-up chemical and biological approaches are … Continue reading

31 MAY 2011 9:00-10:30 Room Lehar Embedding nanostructures at different length scales is a key challenge to transform “nano” sources into useful macro-scale goods. Mixing, assembling, sintering, and incorporating them into matrices are important routes to create large scale devices. … Continue reading