EuroNanoForum 2011 featured close to 250 posters demonstrating research and development in nanotechnologies and their application areas. Posters of young researchers were featured in many fields, and an award for the best poster by a young researcher was presented during the gala event.


Anton Stepanov, et al. (Cheboksary polytechnic institute (branch) Moscow State Open University) – Using carbon nanotubes to storage the molecular hydrogen.

Lev Zemtsov, et al. (A.V. Topchiev Institute of Petrochemical Synthesis RAS) – The Pt-based nanoparticles immobilization on detonation nanodiamonds for catalytic ethanol reforming

Gonçal Badenes, et al. (ICFO) – Nanophotonics for Energy Efficiency

József Valyon, et al. (Hungarian Academy of Sciences) – Novel Cu/aluminosilicate catalysts for the conversion of biomass-derived carboxylic acids to alcohol

György Molnár, et al. (MTA Research Institute for Technical Physics and Materials Science) – Growth of iron silicide nanostructures by different annealing methods on Si(001)

Radu Banica, et al. (National Institute for Research and Development in Electrochemistry and Condensed Matter Timisoara) – Nanoporous (ZnS)x(CuInS2)1-x visible photocatalysts for solar hydrogen production

Evelina Slavcheva, et al. (RWTH Aachen University) – Sputtered nanostructured PtIr films as cathodic catalysts in PEMFC

Sung-Ho Hwang, et al. (Daegu Gyeonbuk Institute of Science and Technology) – Application of Layered Double Hydroxide(LDH) Nanoparticles as Eco-Friendly Inorganic Fillers for Heat Insulating Materials

Vasco Teixeira, et al. (University of Minho) – Advanced clean energy technologies based in nanotechnology- R&D status analysis for Spain & Portugal


Tero Pilvi, et al. (Picosun Oy) – ALD for sustainable future – paving the way to cleaner world from sub-nanometer level

Friso Sikkema, et al. (KEMA) – Hybrid absorber-membrane CO2 capture

Oihane Monzon, et al. (TECNALIA) – Nanoparticle removal from aqueous media by means of filtration

Eunate Goiti, et al. (TECNALIA) – Zero valent iron nanoparticles development for the remediation of lindane contaminated soils (“NANOREM” Project)

Tamás Dobronyi, et al. (Press-Pic Ltd.) – Poly(Lactic Acid Based) Nanocomposites for the Packaging Industry

Anita Erőss, et al. (Eötvös Loránd University) – Cave development in nano-scale

Ágnes Veres, et al. (SZTE-TTIK) – Self cleaning reactive surfaces for photocatalytic degradation of organic pollutants using visible l

Marta Ferreira, et al. (Minho University ) – Oxidation of Organic Compounds in Water by Electrocatalysts based on Carbon Nanotubes

Zanna Martinsone, et al. (Institute of Occupational Safety and Environmental Health) – The Role of Nanoparticles in the Non-Industrial Air Quality in Latvia

Ladislav Torcik, et al. (NanoTrade Ltd.) – Nano-Additive – fuel and emission reduction, combustion and economy improvement

Marketa Dubova, et al. (Technical University of Liberec) – Monte Carlo Analysis and its Application within the Valuation of Technologies

Oleg Figovsky, et al. (International Nanotechnological Research Center “Polymate Ltd.”) – Advanced Environment Friendly Nanostructured Materials

Darko Makovec, et al. (Jožef Stefan Institute) – Magnetically-Recoverable Photocatalytic Nanocomposites for Water Treatment

Food, Agriculture

Ringo Grombe, et al. (European Commission) – NanoLyse; What is the link between Engineered Nanomaterial in Food and Reference Materials?

Michela Velardo, et al. (Lawfirm Field Fisher Waterhouse) – Nanotechnologies and novel foods in European Law

Rohollah Rezaei, et al. (University of Zanjan, Faculty of Agriculture) – Identifying the requirements and prerequisites of nanotechnology development in the Iranian agriculture

Health: Diagnostics

Heinrich Hofmann, et al. (EPFL) – Nanoparticles for Theragnostic Applications

Markus Gusenbauer, et al. (University of Applied Sciences St. Pölten) – Computer based design of microfluidic chips for biomedical application

Gabriella Egri, et al. (Surflay Nanotec GmbH) – Modified PVA microbubbles as potential diagnostic and therapeutic tools

Martin Zikmund, et al. (Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Czech Technical University in Prague) – Telecommunications in Nanotechnology: Responsible Research and Health Applications

Vince Grolmusz, et al. (Eotvos University) – Mathematical modeling and computer simulation of Brownian motion and hybridization of nanoparticle-bioprobe-polymer complexes in the low concentration limit

Health: Pharmacy, safety, public health

Sophia Antimisiaris , et al. (UPAT and FORTH/ICE-HT) – USPIO encapsulating nanoliposomes with high entrapping efficiency, stability and magnetic properties

Eleni Papaioannou, et al. (Aerosol and Particle Technology Laboratory) – Characterization of a cell exposure chamber for assessing the impact of Diesel engine exhaust

David Pozo, et al. (CABIMER-Andalusian Center for Molecular Biology & Reg. Med-University of Seville) – Nanotechnology approaches as a tool for the development of VIP-mediated nanostructured drugs

Josep Samitier, et al. (Institute for Bioengineering of Catalonia ; CIBER-BBN) – Evoution of Nanomedicine in Spain : 2006-2010

Hermina Robotka, et al. (Bay Zoltan Foundation For Applied Research) – Nanomedical Drug Production Technologies

András Szilágyi, et al. (BME) – Redox and pH-sensitive poly(aspartic acid) latex nanoparticles

Susan Lakatos, et al. (Research Institute of HDF) – Carbon black and single wall nanotubes induce opening up the azurophil granules

Zsombor Kristóf Nagy, et al. (Budapest University of Technology and Economics) – Electrospun nanofibers: promising materials in nanobiomedicines and pharmaceutical technology

Tímea Horváthová, et al. (Budapest University of Technology and Economics) – Amorphization of spironolactone by different techniques

Edina Horváth, et al. (University of Szeged Faculty of Medicine) – Functional alterations in the nervous system of rats treated with nano-sized and other forms of lead

Csanád Botond Pénzes, et al. (Eötvös Loránd University) – Effect of new antitubercular drugs on the structure of the cell membrane models

Gergő Gyulai, et al. (Eötvös Lornánd University) – Preparation and surface properties of drug carrier nanoparticles

Diana Boraschi, et al. (National Research Council) – Assessing immunosafety of nanomaterials. Cell-based modelling of inflammatory responses to predict p

Luisa Diomede, et al. (Istituto di Ricerche farmacologiche Mario Negri) – Stability and biodistribution of novel polymeric nanoparticles

Enrico Macii, et al. (Politecnico di Torino) – Enabling Energy Efficient and Variation Tolerant Nanoelectronics Design for Healthcare and Medical Applications

Lucia Gemma Delogu, et al. (University of Sassari) – Functionalized carbon nanotubes on human immune cells

Magdalena Moisei, et al. (Institute of Biochemistry, Romanian Academy) – Development and characterization of lipid vesicle for effective delivery of anti-inflammatory molecules

Lenke Horváth, et al. (Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne) – In vitro Assessment of the Cellular Toxicity of Nanotubes


Jari Vartiainen, et al. (VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland) – Health and environmental safety aspects of nanofibrillated cellulose

Pavels Sudmalis, et al. (Institute of Occupational Safety and Environmental Health) – Nanoparticles with adsorbed flame retardants as health risk factor for office workers

Zoltán Hérincs, et al. (Semmelweis University) – Technological development of a scalable siRNA-loaded liposomal formulation

Health: Therapeutics

Sergey Yakovlev, et al. (A.N.Bach’s Institute of Biochemistry, Russian Academy of Sciences) – In vitro anticancer activity of poly(3-hydroxybutyrate) nanoparticles loaded with antitumor drug Paclitaxel

László Janovák, et al. (University of Szeged) – Ag and Au functionalized TiO2/polymer films for destructions bacteria using UV and visible light

Zsolt Vancza, et al. (Nanobakt Ltd.) – Nanosept Aqua Desinfectant

György Krallics, et al. (Bay Zoltan Foundation for Applied Research) – Manufacturing of bulk ultrafine grained titanium and application for medical implants

Trif László, et al. (Chemical Research Center of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences) – Magnetic nano-material systems for human medical applications

Kenesei Kata, et al. (Institute of Experimental Medicine Hungarian Academy of Sciences (IEM-HAS)) – Distribution and clearance of 40-60nm polystyrene particles in the mouse body

Sergio Perero, et al. (POLITECNICO DI TORINO) – Nanostructured antiseptical coatings (NASLA): antibacterial properties of silica coatings containing

Mara Canovi, et al. (Mario Negri Institute for Pharmacological Research) – SPR analysis of the Aβ-binding properties of NPs decorated with a novel anti-Aβ antibody

Mihaela Trif, et al. (Institute of biochemistry, Romanian Academy) – Lipid nanostructure based chondroitin sulphate. Evaluation of biocompatibility and efficiency in local therapy of osteoarthritis

Mudassar Abbas, et al. (Graz University of Technology) – Designed silver nanoparticles as key for antimicrobially equipping poly(dicyclopentadiene)

Erika Bereczki, et al. (Karolinska Institutet) – Liposomes functionalized with acidic lipids rescue amyloid beta- induced toxicity in N2a cells

Virendra Gajbhiye, et al. (Pharmaceutical Research Lab) – Surfactant Conjugated Dendritic Nanoconstructs For Treating Brain Tumor In Rats

M. Cristina L. Martins, et al. (INEB – Instituto de Engenharia Biomédica) – Engineering surfaces to trigger Helicobacter pylori adhesion

Raffaele Ferrari, et al. (Politecnico di Milano) – Synthesis of ultrasmall biodegradable nanoparticles (UBNPs) and their use in drug delivery

Renate Förch, et al. (MaxPlanck Institute for Polymer Research) – Antimicrobial thin films for implants and wound treatment


Stanley van den Heever, et al. (Stellenbosch University) – Measuring piezoelectric potential from different ZnO nanowire growth methods

Manfred Scriba, et al. (CSIR) – Electrical activity of silicon nanoparticles determined by resistivity measurements on compressed powders.

Alvaro Morquecho, et al. (Innovalia Association) – Inspection system for micro diffractive optics elements performance evaluation

Zoltan Konya, et al. (University of Szeged) – WO3 nanowires- Preparation and application

Attila Geresdi, et al. (Budapest University of Technology and Economics) – Investigation of resistive switching memory on the nanoscale

Szabolcs Csonka, et al. (Budapest University of Technology) – Quantum dots based Copper pair splitter

Márton Bein, et al. (Budapest University of Technology and Economics) – Optical Observation of Current Flow Path in VO2 Thin Films

Stepan Charnovych, et al. (University of Debrecen) – Plasmon-assisted micro-nanostructuring in amorphous chalcogenide films

Zoltán Balogh, et al. (Budapest University of Technology and Economics) – Investigation of single-molecule junctions at low temperature

Endre Tóvári, et al. (Budapest University of Technology and Economics) – Large scale nanopatterning of graphene

Örs Sepsi, et al. (Budapest University of Technology and Economics) – Investigation of polarized light emitting diodes

Péter Sóki, et al. (Bay Zoltan Foundation For Applied Research) – 3D X-Ray Computer Tomography and Radioscopy

Vitaliy Antal, et al. (Institute of Experimental Physics) – YBCO bulk superconductors with nanosized pinning centres

Christian Ippen, et al. (Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Polymer Research) – A novel multishell system for InP quantum dots for improved luminescence efficiency and stability

Manoel Vasconcelos, et al. (UFRN) – Electronic transport in quasiperiodic graphene structures

Jeyakumaran Natarajan, et al. (VHNSN College) – Fabrication and Studies of Polymer/ Nanocrystalline Porous Silicon Based Optoelectronic Devices

Claudia Costa, et al. (YDreams/ FCT-UNL) – Inkjet printed WO3 nanoparticles for EC devices: dual response in visible and NIR spectral regions

Zsolt József Horváth, et al. (Hungarian academy of sciences, R esearch Institute for Technical Physics and Materials Science) – Silicon nitride based memory elements with embedded Si or Ge nanocrystals

Eduard Hulicius, et al. (Inst. of Phys. of Czech Acad. of Sci.) – Controlling of properties of MOVPE InAs/GaAs quantum dot structures for device application

Attila Bojtos, et al. (Budapest University of Technology and Economics) – Electrical and mechanical testing of conductive silicone rubber filled by carbon black nanoparticles


Clivia M. Sotomayor Torres, et al. (Catalan Institute of Nanotechnology) – Nanometrology for alternative lithographic technologies

Borja De la Maza, et al. (Unimetrik) – Nano positioning platforms and nano measuring sensors for true 3D measuring

Krisztián Palotás, et al. (Budapest University of Technology and Economics) – Simulation of spin-polarized scanning tunneling microscopy & spectroscopy on magnetic nanostructures

Zsolt Zolnai, et al. (Research Institute for Technical Physics and Materials Science) – 3D RBS analysis of ordered micro- and nanostructures for geometrical and compositional information

István Mohácsi, et al. (Eötvös Loránd University) – Determination of ultra-shallow disorder profiles in Si using ellipsometry

Balint Fodor, et al. (Research Institute of Technical Physics and Materials Science (MFA)) – Spectroscopic ellipsometry investigation of silica nanosphere monolayers before and after ion irradiation-induced shape transformation

Katalin Gherdán, et al. (Eötvös L. University) – Medieval nanotechnology – FIB/SEM analysis of metal embroidery threads

Zsófia Szita, et al. (Budapest University of Technology and Economics) – Photo-modulated reflectance of oxidized silicon wafers

György Hárs, et al. (Budapest University of Technology and Economics) – TOF Mass Spectrometer with Farady Cup Detector

Ana Paula Pego, et al. (INEB – Instituto de Engenharia Biomédica) – Molecular Recognition Force Spectroscopy – A New Tool To Tailor Targeted Nanoparticles

Hsin-Chia Ho, et al. (Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI)) – Measurement of Polystyrene Particle Size Standards by Calibrated SEM

László Dózsa, et al. (MTA MFA) – Scanning tip measurement of electrical properties of FeSi2/Si nanostructures

Balázs Illés, et al. (Budapest University of Technology and Economics) – Application of electron microcopies in tin whisker research

László Milán Molnár, et al. (Budapest University of Technology and Economics) – Atomic Force Microscope Investigations of Intermetallic Layers on Electronic Surface Finishings

Michal Besterci, et al. (Slovak Academy of Science) – Model of “In-situ Tensile Test in SEM” of Al-Al4C3 Nanomaterials Prepared by Mechanical Alloying and ECAP

Norbert Hegman, et al. (Bay Z Foundation) – Measurements methods of Nanometrology Laboratory in Bay Z. Foundation

Emil Agocs, et al. (Research Institute for Technical Physics and Material Science) – Ellipsometric investigation of nanocrystalline Si thin films


Terezia Nyari, et al. (National Institute for Research and Development in Electrochemistry and Condensed Matter Timisoara) – ZnIn2S4 nanoporous microspheres synthesis by a hydrothermal method

Evgeny Abkhalimov, et al. (Frumkin Institute of Physical Chemistry and Electrochemistry of the Russian Academy of Sciences) – One-step synthesis and characterization of Pd-Ag alloy in aqeous solution

Klara Hernadi, et al. (University of Szeged) – Fabrication of carbon nanotube based inorganic nanocomposite materials

Sándor Beke, et al. (Bay Zoltan Foundation For Applied Research) – Oscillation assisted metal foaming

Gábor Mucsi, et al. (University of Miskolc) – Grinding Experiments of Limestone in Stirred Media Mill in order to Produce Nano-Particles

Katalin Bocz, et al. (Budapest University of Technology and Economics) – Use of Laser Pyrolysis (LP)-FTIR method for controlled synthesis of carbon nanotubes/fibers

György Számel, et al. (Bay Zoltan Foundation For Applied Research) – Controlled modification of aerogel structure and heat conductivity

Adriana de Stefanis, et al. (CNR) – New restructured sorbents for sorbent/separation applications

Magda Blosi, et al. (ISTEC-CNR) – Microwave-assisted green synthesis of Au, Cu and AuCu nanoparticles for nitrophenol reduction

Hristea Gabriela, et al. (INCDIE ICPE-CA ) – Carbon Xerogels for Capacitive Deionization of Water

Cristina Rusti , et al. (1Institute For Non-Ferrous and Rare Metals) – Wet chemical high pressure synthesis: an ecological way for fabrication of nanostructured composites

Nina Muhr, et al. (University of Leoben) – Selective Immobilization of Silicon Dioxide Nanoparticles on Photo Reactive Polymer Surfaces

Wojciech J. Stępniowski, et al. (Military University of Technology) – Anodization as a synthesis method in nanotechnology

Torben Seemann, et al. (Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Technology and Advanced Materials in Bremen) – A new approach for the preparation of nano titania dispersions: reactive gas flow sputtering

Akos Kukovecz, et al. (University of Szeged) – Low temperature CCVD synthesis of carbon nanotubes

Burcu Güldiken, et al. (Istanbul Technical University) – Electrospinning of polyvinylalcohol, wheat starch, sodium alginate and their blends

Ali Saffet Altay, et al. (Istanbul Technical University) – Effect of zinc chloride on magnetic properties of electrospun nanofibers obtained from polyvinylalcohol, wheat starch and sodium alginate

Ali A Hosseini, et al. (Mazandaran State University) – Synthesis of MWCNTS by CVD on Fe Catalytic Substrate and Investigation of Acids and Thermal Treatment Effects of Purification on MWCNTS

Juha Sarlin, et al. (VTT) – Greener synthesis of metal nanoparticles intonanofibrillar Celluloses for Metallised Fibres

Imre Miklós Szilágyi, et al. (University of Helsinki) – Photocatalytic properties of WO3/TiO2 core-shell nanowires prepared by atomic layer deposition

Jouni Ahopelto, et al. (VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland) – NaPANIL: Nanoimprinting Technology for Production

Alar Jänes, et al. (University of Tartu) – Development of micro- and mesoporous carbide-derived carbons and electrolytes for supercapacitors

V.B. Drozdovich, et al. (Belarusian State Technological University) – Electrochemical, hydrogen sorption properties of carbon nanomaterials obtained in low-temperature plasma generator

Eva Majkova, et al. (Institute of Physics Slovak Academy of Sciences) – Large-scale ordered nanoparticle monolayer and multilayer arrays

Yuval Golan, et al. (Ben-Gurion University) – Surfactant-Mediated Hierarchical Assembly of Nanomaterials

Ágnes Csanády, et al. () – METANANO Development of innovative products (filters, sensors, cosmetics, catalysts) based on noble metal nanopowders, for the environment and safety

Áron Pekker, et al. (MTA SZFKI) – The use of carbon nanotubes as transparent conductors to replace inorganic oxides

Kolos Molnár, et al. (Budapest University of Technology and Economics) – Composite nanofibers and nanofibrous composites prepared by electrospinning

Paolo Matteazzi (MBN) – MANUDIRECT: nano micro manufacturing with laser sintering


Raluca Nicu, et al. (“Gheorghe Asachi” Technical University of Iasi) – Functional Paper Nanocoatings based on Chitosan Derivatives

Emőke Volentiru, et al. (Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Faculty of Chemical Technology and Biotechnology) – Silica containing sol-gel coatings with different structure and morphology

Z. Fekete, et al. (Research Institute of Technical Physics & Materials Science – MFA) – Surface Modification of Silicon by 3D Etching Processes and Subsequent Layer Deposition

Ádám Detrich, et al. (Budapest University of Technology and Economics) – Thin nanostructured coatings from silica and titania

Eszter Fülöp, et al. (HAS Research Institute for Technical Physics and Materials Science (MTA MFA)) – Thin films of mesoporous silica-coated gold nanorods

Klara Kereszturi, et al. (HAS CRA Institute of Materials and Environmental Chemistry) – Design of wettable and low-wettable surfaces

Ajna Tóth, et al. (Budapest University of Technology and Economics) – Aqueous surface chemistry of O- and N-doped multiwall carbon nanotubes

Judit Babcsan Kiss, et al. (Bay Zoltan Foundation for Applied Research ) – Tribological behaviors of ion implanted ceramics

Juho Lavonen, et al. (Tampere University of Technology) – Nanoscale Surface Processing with Atmospheric Plasma Technique

Zdravka Karaguiozova, et al. (BAS) – Nickel plating on super hard nanoparticles

Zdravka Karaguiozova, et al. (BAS) – Electroless nickel coatings

Valery Drozdovich, et al. (Belarusian State Technological University) – Synthesis and Electrochemical Properties of Composite Galvanic Ni with Carbon Nanomaterials and PVD Mo Coatings

Natalya Froumin, et al. (Ben Gurion University of Negev) – Evaluation of the nucleation and growth of chemically deposited PbS films on GaAs(111)A and GaAs(111)B surfaces

Péter Süle, et al. (MTA-MFA) – Ion-erosion induced surface nanoporosity and nanotopography on Si


Federica Lodato, et al. (Veneto Nanotech) – Nanochallenge&Polymerchallenge: international business plan competition with a prize of 600.000 euro

Mauno Harju, et al. (Nanotechnology Cluster Programme, Jyväskylä Innovation Ltd.) – Global Nanotechnology Business Incubator (GNBI) – the concept and the network

International Cooperation

Lesley Tobin, et al. (Institute of Nanotechnology) – The ICPC Nanonet Project: Building Bridges across the Nano Knowledge Divide

Helen Dutton, et al. (University of Manchester) – InForm – Bringing top nanoformulation scientists together

Tanja Meyer, et al. (Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation) – EUMINAfab – A European Infrastructure for micro and nano fabrication and characterisation

Susan Anson, et al. (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology) – Open Access: from nano and micro technologies to applications

Tobias Teckentrup, et al. (University Duisburg-Essen) – CeNIDE – Center for Nanointegration Duisburg-Essen

Agnes Safrany, et al. (International Atomic Energy Agency) – The Role of the IAEA in Coordinating Research in Radiation-Engineered Nanomaterials

Alessandra Hool, et al. (NanoDiaRA/MatSearch Consulting Hofmann) – Electronic tool for scientific exchange in collaborative projects

Xijun Zhang, et al. (Suzhou Nanotech) – China Nanotech International Innovation Cluster: Emerging Nano City at Suzhou

Nano in basic science

Gergo Fulop, et al. (Budapest University of Technology) – Improvement of a Cooper-pair splitter nanodevice

Gennadiy Filippov, et al. (Cheboksary Politechnic Institute (branch) of the Moscow State Open Uniersity) – Quasi-Stationary States in Microelectronics and Coherence Criterion

Attila Szilva, et al. (Institute of Physics, Budapest University of Technology and Economics) – Surface-induced magnetic anisotropy of impurities and random magnetic anisotropy in mesoparticles

Peter Makk, et al. (Budapest University of Technology and Economics) – Channel sensitive theoretical and experimental analysis of indium nanojunctions

Laszlo Balogh, et al. (Budapest University of Technology and Economics) – Theoretical study of a cobalt nano-contact

László Pósa, et al. (Budapest University of Technology and Economics) – Investigation of atomic-scale self-organizing structures with break-junction technique.

George Kaptay, et al. (BAY-LOGI) – Equilibrium of nano-materials

András Szántó, et al. (Budapest University of Technology and Economics) – Quantum complementarity

Grzegorz Kamieniarz, et al. (Adam Mickiewicz University) – Challenging tasks in modeling and simulations of molecular-based magnetic nanomaterials

Aron Sipos, et al. (University of Szeged) – Numerical investigation of spheroidal gold nanoparticles plasmonic properties

Asis K. Bandyopadhyay, et al. (Dumkal Institute of Engg. & Technology) – Dissipative Intrinsic Localized Modes in Nano-ferroelectrics

Leonid Chernozatonskii, et al. (Institute of Biochemical Physics, RAS) – Carbon hybrid structures based graphene and nanotubes: properties and applications

László Ruppert, et al. (Budapest University of Technology and Economics) – Efficient quantum state estimation


Noémi Kovács, et al. (MTA MFA) – Adsorption of flagellin based protein layers

Anikó Meiszterics, et al. (Eötvös Lorand University) – Influence of nanostructure on properties of calcium silicate bioceramics

Irina Zharkova, et al. (M.V.Lomonosov Moscow State University) – Effect of surface morphology on the biocompatibility of poly-3-hydroxybutyrate

Demin Alexander, et al. (Postovsky Institute of Organic Synthesis of RAS (Ural Div.)) – Functionalization of Fe3O4 magnetic nanoparticles with 6-aminocaproic acid, L-lysine and L-cystein

Edit Csapó, et al. (University of Szeged) – Characterization of amino acid- and peptide-conjugated gold and silver nanoparticles

Dániel Sebők, et al. (University of Szeged) – Detection of gases and proteins on the surface of functionalized gold nanoparticles and thin layers

Imre Hegedüs, et al. (University of Pannonia) – Stabilization of hemicellulase enzymes as single enzyme nanoparticles

ioan Ardelean, et al. (Institutul de Biologie) – Interaction of Quantum Dots with Phototrophic and Heterotrophic Bacteria: Nonspecific Labeling and Citotoxicity

Michaela Schernthaner, et al. (University of Graz) – Nanostructured polymer foils are able to activate beta-catenin signaling in endothelial cells.

Dan Nicolau, et al. (University of Liverpool) – Getting close to biomolecularly-precise nanostructuring

Fatemeh Yaghobian, et al. (Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt) – ID-SERS based quantification of peptides on a single nano-bio-chip

Umberto Fulco, et al. (UFRN) – Electronic charge transport in polypeptides

Andrea Németh, et al. (Research Institute for Technical Physics and Materials Science) – In situ optical characterization of filamental protein structure formation for biosensing

Cristina Neves, et al. (REQUIMTE – Universidade do Porto) – Lanthanide Monosubstituted Polyoxometalate Immobilized in Silica Nanoparticles

Krisztina Koczka, et al. (Technical University of Budapest) – Biotechnological route for production of silver nanoparticles

Orsolya Ujsághy, et al. (Budapest University of Technology and Economics) – Conductance of DNA molecules: Effects of decoherence and bonding

Laszlo Nagy, et al. (University of Szeged) – Photosynthetic reaction center protein in nanostructures


Mikhail Efimov, et al. (A.V. Topchiev Institute of Petrochemical Synthesis RAS) – Synthesis and structure of composite material based on polydiphenylamine and Fe3O4 nanoparticles

Elena Orgiles-Calpena, et al. (INESCOP) – Effect of Amount of Functionalized Carbon Nanofibers in Polyurethane Dispersions

György Dutkay, et al. (TECHNOVÁR Ltd.) – In situ nanofiber production way inside the metal matrix for nanocomposit product

Norbert Nagy, et al. (Research Institute for Technical Physics and Materials Science – MFA) – Various nanopatterns on macroscopic surfaces by tunable ion-swelling

Alvise Bianchin, et al. (MATRES) – STEPUP in polymer based RM processes

Matteo Stefan, et al. (Veneto Nanotech) – Novel machine of Atmospheric Plasma treatment for textile substrates

Dusan Bozanic, et al. (Vinca Institute of Nuclear Scinces) – Preparation and properties of biopolymer nanocomposites containing metal and semiconductor nanoparticles

Sašo Gyergyek, et al. (Jozef Stefan Institute) – Magnetic γ-Fe2O3/PMMA nanocomposite spheres synthesized by mini-emulsion radical polymerization

Anita Grozdanov , et al. (Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy ) – Nanocomposites based on PMMA with SiC and MWCNT: Application and Risk Assessment


Jan Dusza, et al. (Institute of Materials Research, Slovak Academy of Sciences) – Si3N4-SiC ceramic nanocomposites with different rare-earth oxides for energy-based applications

Nóra Rideg, et al. (Eötvös Loránd University) – Fluorescent Silica Nanoparticles: Effect of Synthesis Conditions on the Dye Incorporation into the S

Mariana Chirea, et al. (University of Porto) – Gold Nanowire Networks: Synthesis, Characterization, and Catalytic Activities

Clivia M. Sotomayor Torres, et al. (Catalan Institute of Nanotechnology) – Turning self-assembly into a nanomanufacturing technology

Germán Cabañero, et al. (CIDETEC) – Ordered Inorganic-Organic Hybrids using Ionic Liquids for Emerging Applications

Francisca Aran Ais, et al. (INESCOP. Footwear Research Institute) – Nanocapsules Containing Natural Foot Care Substances in Shoe Materials

Nóra Ábrahám, et al. (University of Szeged) – Preparation and investigation of monodisperse ZnO particles and their Langmuir-Blodgett films

Ádám Juhász, et al. (Nanocolltech Development and Technology Exploitation Ltd.) – Solubilisation of paraffinic deposits using colloidal and nanostructured complex fluids

Beáta Szolnoki, et al. (Budapest University of Technology and Economics) – Effect of moisture absorption on the mechanical properties of epoxy resins

Béla Iván, et al. (INSTITUTE OF MATERIALS AND ENVIRONMENTAL CHEMISTRY, CHEMICAL RESEARCH CENTER, HUNG. ACADEMY OF SCI. ) – New Organic-Inorganic Nanohybrid Materials and Nanocatalysts based on Poly(N,N-Dimethylacrylamide)-L-Polyisobutylene Amphiphilic Conetworks

Csaba Fodor, et al. (Chemical Research Center, Hungarian Academy of Sciences) – Poly(N-vinylimidazole)-l-Poly(tetrahydrofuran) Amphiphilic Conetworks and Nanohybrids

Gábor Pető, et al. (MTA Research Institute for Technical Physics and Materials Science) – Formation of Ti surface roughness and Au nanoparticles by laser and ion beam processes and their size dependent properties

Norbert Babcsan, et al. (Bay-Logi) – Nanostructured materials development towards industrial application

Elisabetta Borsella, et al. (ENEA) – Laser synthesis of nanoparticles: from ceramic nanocomposites to nanofluids

Werner Brenner, et al. (Vienna University of Technology, Institute of Sensor and Actuator Systems) – The Development of Biomimetic Proton Conductive Membranes with Nanometer Thickness in the Frame of t

Jari Vartiainen, et al. (VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland) – Bio-Hybrid Nanocomposite Films from Polysaccharides and Nanoclay

Ankit Goyal, et al. (University of Rajasthan) – Structural, Optical and Electrical properties of Cd1-xCux S (x=0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5) nanoparticles prepa

Vaibhave Aggarwal, et al. (University of Porto) – Self-assembly and electrochemical characterization of palladium nanocubes

María-Jesús Almendral, et al. (University of Salamanca) – Influence of Cd-to-S and Cd-to-MAA molar ratios in the size and photoluminescence properties of CdS

János Kovács, et al. (BME) – Effect of the MAPP on the structure and the rheological characteristics of PP/OMMT composites

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Safety, Society

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